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NNY Solar

Go Green and Save money
with solar power

With a Photovoltaic/Solar Electric System from Black River Electrical Mechanical:

Generate your own power

Offset 100% of Your Electrical Utility Usage

NYSERDA Accredited

Utilize State Incentives Through NYSERDA

Pays for Itself

Purchase a System that Pays for Itself and Save Long Term

Tax Credits

Tax Credits – 25% State
– 30% Federal
Federal Tax Credit Information
State Tax Credit Information

Monitor Your System

Your System is fully monitored 24/7 by the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal.

The SolarEdge online portal monitors performance, fault detection, and sends automatic alerts. The portal can be accessed from your computer, smartphone, or other Android or iOS (Apple) devices.

Do Your Part!

Significantly Reduce Your Electric Bill While Making an Investment in Your Home or Business
Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Our solar electric systems give you greater freedom by reducing your bills, allowing you take advantage of state and federal incentives, and more!

By installing a photovoltaic system from Black River Mechanical Electrical, you will earn a great return on investment.

Our advanced system allows you to track and monitor your energy consumption from your computer or your smartphone, home or away!

  • Reduce your bill
  • Increase Property Value
  • State & Federal Credits
  • Monitor Online 24/7


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